My name is Sydney Jones. I'm a fashion and beauty blogger turned PR Specialist from the Indianapolis area.

I was 13 when I started my first blog on Blogspot to document my sewing and craft projects. Shortly after, I fell in love with the beauty community that was beginning to populate on Instagram, and changed directions. I found my niche in skin and hair care, and dabbled in petite styling and fashion week trends. I began to grow my Instagram and blog regularly, eventually diving into the influencer sphere. During this time, I had the pleasure of working with brands such as HASK Hair Care and Neutrogena - all before I was 16 years old.

Glad you're here

I'm in my early 20's now, and live with my significant other, Reese, my service dog, Pumpkin, and the sweetest kitten named Tarot. I work as a copywriter + content creator alongside my mom at 3 Baby Birds Digital. Neither of us foresaw working together as part of our future, let alone working as freelancers, but the universe has a funny way of pulling it all together.

If not that, then I'm 100% online shopping. I'm not sure if I'd consider myself as having an "addiction," but we might be getting there.

Work History

September 2022 – December 2022

Fifth & Cor

Fifth & Cor is a digital innovation company changing the way businesses market themselves. It's a dream come true to be able to work as a copywriting + PR associate for such an incredible company full of strong women. Every day is a different experience - one day I may be writing and sending pitches, and the next I'm keeping tabs on the social media of our clients.

Overhead shot of Ulta Beauty, with white shelving and customers browsing
May 2013 - Present

Simply SJ

Beginning in 2013, Simply SJ was a fashion and beauty blog known as Stellar Dolly. I worked with several brands including Neutrogena, and HASK, producing content for multiple social media platforms and paid media options. After rebranding to Simply SJ, I still continue to write within the fashion and beauty niche. Alongside this, I offer freelance services for copywriting, branding, and content creation.

September 2021 – Present

Ulta Beauty

I started my journey at Ulta Beauty as a Beauty Advisor. I loved working with customers to find them their perfect match for anything they need. This passion drove me to work my hardest every day, and in May of 2022, I was promoted to Prestige Advisor and given reign of the fragrance section. I found a love for fragrance and learned every note in my scents, eventually boosting our monthly sales by over $2000 compared to 2021.

September 2021 - Present

3 Baby Birds Digital Solutions

I work as the main copywriter for 3 Baby Birds Digital Solutions. In this role, I provide copywriting services to clients on both a regular and as-needed basis. For clients receiving a website redesign, this service typically entails providing SEO-Optimized copy for the new website pages with the option to add blog posts. In an as-needed format, customers can purchase packages to receive X number of blog posts per month, email newsletters, and/or social media content.