Connecting Your Wallet - The Next eCommerce Move

Fifth & Cor

This post was written during my time at Fifth & Cor for our main blog, Cor Confessions. The post covers the importance of users being able to connect their wallets when shopping online. Click below to read the full article.

Get Real! How One App is Changing the Way We Use Social Media

Digital Agency Network

This article was written by myself during my time at digital marketing company Fifth & Cor, and was published on Digital Agency Network in October, 2022. Click below to be directed to the full article.

Why You Need Ad Retargeting


A blog post written for Particl during my time as a copywriter with Fifth & Cor. I was tasked with writing about ad retargeting including what it is and how businesses can utilize it best. Click below to read the post.

Ecommerce for Web3

Digital Agency Network

Brand Analysis (Class Project)

NAJA Lingerie

This is a full brand analysis for NAJA. The analysis covered NAJA's target audience and audience profiles, their current social media marketing strategies, and how effectively they utilize each of their marketing channels. Mockups for future marketing endeavors were also created.

Media Kit

CANDLES Holocaust Museum

We worked with the CANDLES Holocaust Museum to provide them with an updated media kit, and assist in marketing their final speaker series event of the year. This resulted in the museum having the highest visitor turnout for a speaker series in the last two years.

Journalism Article (Class Project)

Matt Luecking Endowment

Matt Luecking was a public figure in the Terre Haute radio community. This article, written for the Indiana Statesman, memorializes the DJ during his birthday month by bringing forward stories from his close friends and family about the times they remember most fondly.

Creative Brief (Class Project)


This creative brief thoroughly analyzes the "Unlimited Power of Beauty" campaign that launched in March of 2020. This campaign was a turning point for the brand in regards to their target audience and marketing tactics.